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In group D of the qualifying tournament for the World Cup playing the home game against Hungary. For the team there in terms of qualification little at stake. They have already posted since under coach Louis van Gala for the World Championship. Yet there is enough to win over Netherlands. The top seven of the world will indeed be placed as group head for the World Cup and the Netherlands is not at this time to those top seven. Here is one of the best forex website http://www.forextradingcenter.net/

It will be necessary to end up, starting with the match against Hungary. Won seven in the top so a few times. The has so far been a flawless qualifying tournament. Of the eight games played so far, seven won and played an equal. The question is however, whether the big star on the side, Robin van Persia will start the match against Hungary. The Manchester United striker is bruised and the coach will want to take any chances.

Incidentally playing at home and will therefore be supported by more than 40,000 fanatical football supporters. Hungary In the shadow of the team is also working on Hungary to good qualifying series. The team is banned to qualify for the World Cup. Hungary has therefore a stable and strong team which include Balas Duds in play. The winger made ​​a few years back impressed in the league with his magisterial free kicks and velvet kicking technique. The match against Netherlands is of great importance for Hungary.

Although the team is currently second in the group, panting both Turkey and Romania in their necks with only one point less. The team is therefore committed to complying to win. Prediction Although Hungary to the bone motivated to win this match is the difference in level between the two teams simply too great. Tel also actually in that the Dutch want to spoil the public and the conclusion is simple: Netherlands will win this match and probably also with big numbers.